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Forum Community Guidelines:

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  5. No personal attacks or ad hominem arguments. We want healthy debate, dissent and new ideas, but please argue against an opinion, not the person holding it. Attempting to undermine someones argument by attacking their character, motives or personal traits is not acceptable. In sporting parlance that means tackling the ball, not the player.
  6. We may moderate, redirect or close threads that have descended into flame-wars or have otherwise become unpleasant or divisive.
  7. No Trolling. Forum members that act in a troll like manner, or display patterns of behaviour commonly associated with internet trolls are not welcome and may be permanently banned. Members who actively provoke, defame, harass, anger, tease, flame, or incite other forum users either publicly or in private (via the forum messaging and email features) are considered trolls. If you feel you are a victim of trolling, get in touch.
  8. Anything that might put Linn in legal jeopardy will be taken down. This includes posts which may breach copyright or otherwise infringe the intellectual property rights of others.
  9. If we consider a post to be dangerous, or that it contains instructions or descriptions of modifications to products which could cause harm, it will be removed.
  10. You may be misunderstood. This is a large global forum and for many English is not their first language. Please be aware that your posts may not be interpreted how you expect, so please try and be clear. Humour, satire and sarcasm are great, yet keep in mind that often its subtlety is lost in some mediums, and may not translate across cultures.
  11. Business interests must be declared. If you have a business that produces or markets products or services related to hi-fi or music—either for profit or just fun—you must declare it by letting us know. You'll will be given a lovely 'Trader' badge for your troubles, which helps other forum members know you have a business interest.
  12. Trusted Linn Retailers. Linn-Accredited, approved and trained Linn Retailers can be identified by their 'Expert Linn Retailer' badge. These are the shops and business who can be trusted to uphold the high standards of service that Linn demands.
  13. No Spam. Any posts that are deemed spam or are posted by bots will be removed. This may also apply to individuals that are posting adverts or links to external sites without meaningfully contributing to the community. We employ automatic spam filters that aim to catch much unwanted content even before it is posted. On occasion these can snare genuine users unintentionally. If this happens to you, please contact us.
  14. Help the community by reporting inappropriate posts. If you find a post which you feel does not abide by the spirit of these guidelines, please hit the report button. One of our team of moderators will take a look as soon as they can and take action as required.

User Content License

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How we'll moderate:

  • We aim to moderate in a way which benefits the community as a whole; making the forum a welcoming and enjoyable environment.
  • If a post is deemed to breach, or go against the spirit of these guidelines, then it may be removed. A moderator will endeavour to give the member some feedback as to why by Private Message or email. Please heed their advice, they aim to be helpful and constructive.
  • Where appropriate, we’ll leave a notice making it clear when a post has been removed, which will help maintain the continuity of the thread and also give some feedback to the community as a whole.
  • If a moderated post has been quoted by others, we may have to edit it in their posts as well.
  • We will never edit a user’s post to change the meaning, nor anything else intended by the user.
  • We may remove a whole thread if the original post breaches the guidelines.
  • Threads that have descended into flame wars will be closed or removed.
  • Threads that go off topic may be moderated or split.
  • Threads or posts that simply restate previous requests or opinions may be moderated or removed.
  • We may also close/lock threads that are old or have reached a conclusion. For example, when a bug described in the original post has been resolved.
  • Members who repeatedly breach these guidelines may be permanently banned. This not an action we take without serious consideration and, aside from excluding automated spam bots, is thankfully very rare.